Gingerbread Cookies

Had a gingerbread decorating day at my home to kick of December. I bought the “Family Cookie Kit” which costs around $12 from Save on Foods and $6 from Superstore.

The kit comes with very limited supplies: one black icing tube, green sprinkles, red sprinkles, and round candy balls.

I ended up buying extra frosting, gummy bears, gummy worms, chocolate chips, sour keys, chocolate sprinkles, rainbow sprinkles, m&ms, Hersey kisses, marshmallows, hard fruit shaped candies, and liquorice.

Best lights for Pumpkins

Munchkins just could not wait to get started with Halloween … wanted to experiment with different lights for the best looking/ scariest pumpkins: multi color battery operated (top right and middle right images), battery operated tea lights (bottom two images), and real candles which only I handled (top left image).

They decided the strongest light was from an actual burning candle! Although the pink looked pretty cool!

Proud of my daughter who designed her own Frankenstein and vampire pumpkin faces without using a stencil!! I helped my son sketch in his creepy pumpkin face inspired from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

PS: the children do not know that I have a little science experiment surprise for them after they are done with their pumpkins … involves food colouring, baking soda …

Parenting … what do our children really need?

What do children really want from their parents? Love and lots of it!! And our time and attention.

So simple but sometimes with our busy fast-paced lifestyles it can be so difficult.

As parents we have to keep our communication lines open with our children and be there for them and listen to them. Being there for our precious babies and spending quality time with our children does not mean giving them an electronic device while sitting with our eyes glued to one as well.

Being there for our children is connecting with them on many levels. Asking questions, sharing experiences using our senses, laughing with them, hugging them, giving them advice, listening to their needs and wants, making eye contact with them, holding their hands, giving them a shoulder to cry on, praying with them, giving them hope, and instilling confidence in them.

So the next time you are with your munchkins, put that silly phone away and truly concentrate all your attention on your precious one(s) and live in the moment with them and experience life how they experience it – truly seeing things from their point of view. By giving your children 110% they will know you care and give back in ways you never imagined. Start early and keep it going!

When I take my children to any of their activities I put my phone away because it is my time for my children – work will always be there. I do not want to be staring at my phone when my children score a basket or make a pass. Because I know they will look my way to see if I saw their accomplishment. If they see that I was not even interested in what they were doing then how many more times are they going to look my way for that thumbs up, or smile. Pretty soon they will not care whether I am there and may not even try to improve knowing the most important person in their life does not even care so then why bother.

At my children’s ice skating lessons my son said to me, “Mom why are you not on your phone, look all the other parents are on their phones?” And I replied, I want to watch you and your sister and that is the most important thing for me. Then I noticed as the lessons progressed the other children would also look at me for confirmation since I was almost the only parent that was actually paying any attention to anything the children were doing. After this I noticed at my children’s swimming and basketball sessions pretty much a similar scene unfolded.

Parents just watch your children – it means the world to them! They just want our time and attention 🙂

Key words to start reading

If you have a toddler or little one that is just starting off on the journey towards reading check out the research study published by Jonathon Solity. Although he supports phonic skills he points out that the sooner children start recognizing key words that are used over and over in literature the sooner they will start reading.

I made a set of flash cards to help my son on his reading journey, and realized I had added quite a few “difficult” words that are not necessarily repeated in texts so often. The 100 key words shared in the article are repeated over 50% of the time and make up the majority of his books!

100 Key Words

When do I leave my day job?

I am at a bit of a crossroads and still trying to sort some things out in my personal life in terms of careers. I know I can do so much with my own business alongside my supportive husband: utilize my skills into creating something lasting for my children, focus 110% on health products, formulate my own team, expand, grow, and most importantly set my own workload and hours so I can always be there for my children.

Leaving my day job, which I have already started to drift away from with my part-time schedule has given me the freedom I have needed to taste success in a whole different field – an area that has been formulated and customized to fit my skills and talents.

The fact that I have yet to get myself organized for the new school year is a telling sign that I have never been closer to jumping ship and focusing on my own business. I love organizing, multi tasking, setting schedules, entering data, problem solving, marketing, networking, testing new products …

Before I make any rash decisions, even though I have tested the market and seen the ups and downs, I still have to be absolutely sure and do a bit more soul searching. Maybe I drop down to one course and that is it?

I know many have been at this point … trying to decide what to do and when to move on to something new… here are some articles/ blog posts I have been referring to…

10 Questions to Ask Before Quitting Your Day Job

Can you Afford to Quit Your Day Job

A 15-Year Study of 5000 Entrepreneurs Finally Answers the Question

4 Ways to Know It’s Time to Quit Your Day Job and Launch Your Company

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Conversations at the dinner table…

Conversations at the dinner table:

Me: Why is your shark 🦈 sitting at the table?

Son: I think it’s cute.

Me: You think this shark is cute?

Son: 😂 Yes!

Me: What else do you think is cute?

Son: Mommy is cute, daddy is cute, but daddy is actually cuter! My hands are cute, my food is cute …

Daughter: Can we play a game?

Me: During dinner? I want you to focus on your food.

Daughter: No this game is called “No talking at the dinner table!”

Me: I like the sound of this game.

Son (referring to the Chilliwack corn stalls in the summer): I don’t want to eat this corn, I only like the fresh jubilee corn 🌾

Daughter: 😂 you are out you talked!!!

Son: So are you! 🤣🤣

Me: Sweetie, you want to be as strong and muscular like Hulk right?

Son: Yes!!!!

Me: Well finish your corn I can see your muscles getting stronger with every bite!

Son: Of course I will eat my corn – I’m not silly!!

Daughter: Daddy won – he didn’t say anything!!

Me (thinking to myself) … need to define what “cute” is because clearly this shark is …

Hustle & hard work

Hustle and hard work … something I teach my kids will get them places as they grow older … never too early to start.

My daughter set up her last batch of girl guide cookies as a display at our store but she was disappointed she would not get to talk to everyone personally. So she asked for permission if she could be there selling and talking to customers Monday morning … and I said absolutely … NOT. School first selling product second. But proud of her dedication!

Working out

Sunday morning workout buddy …

Son: Mom can I work with you in the office?

Me: Sure come on over

I set up some writing for my son. A little while later…

Son: Mom I’m all finished my work!

Me: Awesome now what do you want to do?

Son: Go on the elliptical … time to exercise!

Me: Wonderful, I’ll take a 10 min break too.

Half an hour later … didn’t know where the time went!

Take away: Keep your fitness equipment and playlist close by and workouts can easily be squeezed into your day! 🎶

Gingerbread House Kit

The pre-built gingerbread house kit from Costco is such a great activity for the kids.

Basically you take the pre-built house out of the box and start decorating! My children had a blast decorating their first official house all by themselves. I did not have to worry about the sides of the house falling down or helping to stabilize anything since everything was set to go.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

  1. We used an extra Betty Crocker whipped cream tub/ white icing tub to completely cover the house in frosting.
  2. We saved the original cardboard box to transport the gingerbread house to our home mess free!

The kit is very reasonably priced at $9.99 while similar kits are $15-$20 at Save-On-Foods and Safeway.

Gluten Free Rice Krispy Squares

Simple and fun recipe for making some delicious kid friendly treats:

1. Melt two tablespoons vegan maragine on medium heat

2. Add one cup of marshmallows, stirring constantly until melted. Remove from heat.

3. Add one cup of Rice Krispies until you have desired consistency. My children like for there to be an even balance of marshmallows and cereal.

4. Set mixture into a tray, cool and cut into squares or other fun shapes with cookie cutters!