Vocal Therapy #3

My third vocal therapy session revolved around maintaining my “forward focus” or whipped cream voice and knowing that I am in a good position rather than allowing my voice to fall back at my throat (bad practice).

The goal is to constantly keep your voice in a good place and there are some techniques my doctor shared with me to check in with my voice.

Exercise Set 1

Feel the “seasoning of sensation” behind your nose on “y” and long vowel sounds. For example say the following words:

  • Reunion
  • You
  • Yonder
  • Thieves
  • Wheel
  • Squeezed
  • Sink
  • Tea Leaves
  • (add other words used daily)

These words help to give you the reminder that you are in “forward focus.” Memorize some words and say them when you need to check-in with your voice.

Exercise Set 2

Say sentences with “y” and long vowel sounds to help reset your voice:

  1. Well yes, it’s really easy.
  2. What we really needed was some immediate and deep easy peacefulness.
  3. (add others)

Exercise Set 3

Straw exercises help to balance the air pressure in the vocal tract and allow the vocal folds to oscillate with less effort.

Using two (or one) cocktail straw carry out the following exercises:

  1. Increase and decrease pitch
  2. Revving
  3. Sing a Song: Allows for various ranges
  4. Pinch Nose: Make sure no air is flowing out of your nose

The large the diameter of the straw the easier it is to practice the vocal exercises. The smaller the diameter the bigger the benefit.

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