Vocal Therapy #2

“You should not do a lot at once, but rather do something often” – Voice Clinic

For my second therapy session I learned about my “whipped cream” voice. When I am speaking I need to use my “whipped cream” voice! This voice is airy, light, carefree, easy…just like whipped cream.

To produce a rich whipped cream voice I was instructed to sit tall and hum so I could feel the voice in my face and tickle my lips almost. Basically what this does is move the voice from the throat area (bad) to the face/lips (good). This is where the voice needs to be felt at all times and anytime it goes in the throat, it should be re-set by humming.

Here is the set of exercises I am required to do (on top of the bubble blowing – which my children love!):

  1. Hum: Me May My Moe Moo
  2. Say rhyming words starting with a word that starts with M, B, D, L, G/K, then S: Moon, Boon, Dune, Loon, Goon, Soon
  3. Count from 1 to 10
  4. Count from 70 to 80
  5. Count from 170 to 180
  6. Say months of year
  7. Say days of week
  8. Read sentences (given passages of various lengths so choose a magazine, book etc and read each line one at a day)
  9. Use your voice in a spontaneous sentence

I was instructed to practice a few times in a day for a couple of minutes at a time. And also to include practices during showers where the steam helps the vocal folds.



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