Vocal Therapy #1

“It is more than just your voice” – Voice Clinic

My first  vocal therapy assessment session was over two  hours and very informative. The purpose of the first session was to get a glimpse of the inside of my vocal area and to establish some baselines to determine four components of my voice: quality, soft phonics, amplitude, and sub harmonics. The doctor used mostly a microphone to get an “image” of my voice in the four categories and then placed a specialized scope with camera in my throat area to see the quality and function of my vocal cords in real time. It was quite interesting to see how the vocal folds move while I talk!

Once the preliminary work was completed, the doctor went through a series of exercises with me. The exercises for my voice are to help balance the air pressure at the vocal cords. Having balanced air pressure makes the vocal folds more flexible and unload tension in neighboring muscles.

  1. Place a straw in a water bottle filled with about 4 cm of water and blow bubbles.
  2. Once the bubbles have been established,  try revving, humming a tune, increasing and decreasing pitch while saying “whoooWHOOOwhooo”
  3. Make sure to take breaths as needed.
  4. Do this for about 5 minutes, four times a day or more.

If the bubbles stop that means you are not using proper technique. There must be bubbles blown out at each attempt of speech.

One interesting fact the doctor shared was that kindergarten teachers and high school chemistry teachers are most prone to losing their voice. ARGH! What are the chances that for once I am not the outlier – I am actually on trend! Honestly I was thrilled when I heard that – explains a lot 🙂

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