Superstore Click and Collect

clickcollectFor the past year my husband and I have been having discussions about personal grocery shoppers and groceries delivered to our home. I was not 100% sold on someone else shopping for my groceries since I wondered: 1) how can someone properly choose my groceries 2) would the quality of produce suffer 3) how close would the expiry dates be for the  perishable food items?

Recently in our neighbourhood many of the supermarkets such as Save on Foods, Fresh St Market, and Superstore have started an online grocery shopping experience. So we went ahead and tried Suoerstore’s click and collect and have been so pleasantly surprised by the process that we have not had a full in-store shopping trip since mid December 2016.

Our reasons:

– can start the shopping process days before you actually head out to get the groceries

– can add items throughout the week before you checkout online (in this way you never forget items when running around the store, you can calmly add products as you remember them!)

– even when you” close your cart” online the day before you actually pick up your order, you still have until midnight to add any forgotten items

– get a priority parking stall close to the store entrance

– once in the stall, you call the click and collect number

– payment of products is only when you have arrived outside the store and you can select from various options

– wait 3 – 5 mins maximum and the grocery shopper gives you the receipt and loads the groceries in your trunk

– save almost over an hour

– can literally be “in and out” of the store in less than five minutes


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